Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life Through A Lens

Lilly Allen’s pregnant
And Amy Winehouse’s a wreck
I’m in my basement
Surfing the internet
Pete Doherty’s in Hoxton
With dirty fingernails
I’m too tired to unleash the guns of Brixton
A goth, beyond the pale

I read Hello, I feel OK!
Take a break, and open The Daily Mail
Think of them all
People in crosshairs - sitting ducks
Walking targets
But I don’t give a fuck

Do they really think
If their paper didn’t have that shot
They wouldn’t sell a copy?
Do they really think
They need to crush at the doors
With their flash photography?

What about the real news?
What’s going on in this world?
Marvin Gaye knew
You can save the world if you’re the singer of U2
Upturn climate change
Whilst the papers tell you you’re gay

The life thru a lens
That doesn’t make sense
That sense of fame
Just for being alive
I’d rather be known
For stopping people die

For curing cancer
Or writing a great book
Giving something back to the world
Something more than creating the Zoolander Look
What’s your legacy?
What did you leave behind?
Apart from a trail of misey
When Diana died?


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