Wednesday, June 06, 2007

soon i will speak my mind

I work all day, and at night
I stare at screens
created needs try to enslave
and empty pockets taunt me

There's still time to fuck me
to take from the winner the spoils
there's no benefit in that but
but for the pleasure of denying me

my escape route
my path to a better life
I stay silent and seethe
powerless but I fight

I go to work and return
there's too much month left and
hell hath no fury like a dream spurned
a revealed lie now the slave understands

Once bills are paid and overdrafts sated
our tastes have remained frozen in the nineties
We're too old to get laid - and hairstyles dated
We exist in the hole of employed penury

and now we grow old
and the same old, same old
is just a blink in a planets eye
is my life


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